Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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Through her curricular and co-curricular activities, the school emphasises the development of responsible children who possess the ability to think dearly, logically and independently as members of a disciplined society.

The school expects her students to imbibe qualities of good moral upbringing and leadership skill through their inter personal interactions in the classrooms and during their various social meetings, and sporting activities within the school. Such leadership qualities are also expected to be manifested through their contributions towards the growth of the school. An extensive programme of co-curricular activities complements the teaching and curricular programme. Clubs, societies, and other relevant social movements are significant features of the school’s daily activities and they help to ensure worthy use of the pupils leisure time. In these clubs and societies, the students are being exposed to drama, debate, public speaking and moral training.

The school attaches great importance on high standards of courtesy, behaviour, endeavour and dressing. Appropriate school and physical education uniforms are worn at the right time and days. The school also actively encourages Christian worship, through its various prayer meetings and other worship programmes.

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